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Blackboard Learn Implementation Super User's Group

New Media and Extended Learning (NMEL) was assisted by the SuperBUG (Blackboard User Group) who was a vital help with the testing and implementation of the Blackboard Learn Product at UNM. Members of the SuperBUG group came from our power users on campus and at the Branches. Members of the group had early access to the systems, advance training provided by NMEL, and helped in testing the use and function of the new system. Along the way, the SuperBUG members provided a valuable service as they reported any bugs or difficulties they encountered, allowing us to work on the issues before conducting courses in the new system.

Becky Adams, NMEL Associate Director for Course Development led the SuperBUG group. The SuperBUG had it's first event on November 2, 2011 on Main Campus. The agenda for this event included a presentation from Brad Koch, Director of Program Management for Blackboard, who provided an overview of the BlackBoard LEARN 9.1 and their development road map. Monthly meetings were held during the initial implementation, and meetings continued as needed for the first year.

The SuperBUG was designed to get users involved in the process, with hands on access and communication with other members of the user community about what worked and what needed improvement, training, etc. Using a train the trainer model, the SuperBUG provided our users the knowledge and resources to assist other people in the users' department or branch once the system was more widely available.

The SuperBUG remains a vital resource for the NMEL team and our efforts to stay in close touch with users.

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